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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mei Li honors me by wearing my handpainted silks.

Mei Li is by Robert Tonner as a part of the Tyler Wentworth line. Mei Li has been retired for a few years and she still remains very popular.
Mei Li, who is 16" tall, is "wearing" a human scale dress that I handpainted. I so wanted to dress my dolls in my handpainted silks, so Mei Li kindly allowed me to drap her in my silks.

Jan McLean dolls...there is a time to act.

I am so happy that I have Jan McLean dolls in my collection. I do not have this beauty, Nikita, but I have 10 or 11 of Jan's other gorgeous dolls.
Sometimes it does not pay to "put off until tomorrow". Jan is currently not producing these dolls and I know from having them on my website that customers are still clamoring for Jan's dolls.
Maybe one day Jan will honor us again.

In the meantime, enjoy Nikita.

Marilyn Can Help

Marilyn is a Gene repaint by Helen Skinner. If I can help you learn more about dolls, let me know.

Some kids have all the fun... click this title to go to Riley Hugs and Kishes doll board.

Look at the time, how can I stay up all night playing dolls and blogging? Well, Riley must have her due. Riley is by Helen Kish. Really Riley is my magazine tribute to this little sweetie. Click for a larger version of the mags.

I love a good magazine.

Have a look at these magazine covers. Gene Amour is my tribute to the doll that opened my eyes and awakened me to the reality of doll collecting as the best hobby for me.

Remember to click for the fantastic larger versions.

How much fun is it?

Remember to click my post titles. This title link will take you to Big Hugs Labs where you can do fun things like this. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jazzy shows her versatility. This title is a link...check it out.

Andy would approve.

One of my favorite templates.

Jazzy is helping me with my last entry for today. A few more examples of the Photofunia craziness that I enjoy.
Jazzy, Wanted Dead or Alive

Miss Lola Jeanne Stinkerbean and her Inaugural Stamp.

Inaugural Issues of the MLJS stamp have been found in the archives of the Living BJD Museum.

Miss Lola Jeanne Stinkerbean and her old book...showing her Great-Great Grandfather

The title of this post, which is also a link to Photofunia, gives you the idea that Lola's GGGrandfather was indeed... yes, you guessed it....A Toy Soldier!!

Riley in the Rain

Here is a shot of Riley Kish, who is adorning the late night walk home. Have you played with It is a fun website where you can pull your own pictures into a scene.
This is the picture I cropped to use to pull into Photofunia. com

Here Riley and Pippi enjoy their puppy love without the bother of the rain.

This photo of Helen Kish dolls Riley and Pippi with their puppies has been pulled onto the billboard.

I love the feeling of the rainy night. The dolls don't feel a, warm, and puppies galore.