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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jazzy Approves

Jazzy is an Ellowyne Wilde repainted by Pam Doll Jazzz - and Pam GAVE the doll to me. Jazzy was a prize for posting on Elloywne's Ennui. If you would like to visit Ellowyne's Ennui click the title of this post and you "will arrive".

Have you learned about doll boards? Doll boards are so much fun. You really get to know many people and make great friends.

Ellowyne Wilde is a sculpt by Robert Tonner for Wilde Imagination. If you love Ellowyne you know about her serious ennui and her inability to "get a thrill" from Champagne, or anything for that matter.

Enjoy this version of Ellowyne. Thanks so much to Pam for bringing Jazzy into my life.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Miss Lola Jeanne Stinkerbean and her toy furniture

Miss Lola Jeanne Stinkerbean
This little lady has it all... charm, personality and lots of toys.
I think she is hoping to play with Metric.
She is about 3 inches tall. Her fans are only 1 inch tall.
Lola is a NotDoll BJD (Ball Jointed Doll), Pansy. The bears and bunnies are World of Miniature Bears.

One day at a photoshoot...

NariPon - hereafter called Miss Lola Jeanne Stinkerbean has a few pictures of her adventures.

More of the same....

How do I love thee, let me count the ways.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Who wants to see more dolls?

Here are a few of the beauties I love.

Along came Gene Marshall

Do you think it is crazy to chant for people to "dress their dolls"? Well, that is what I started to do in about 1994. I felt that young people were losing the chance to learn to sew because parents were not teaching the children to sew for their dolls.

My prayers came true in spades. Gene Marshall hit the scene in the mid-90s and everyone started to sew and bead and knit and crochet and make jewelry, furniture, dioramas and more.

When did it all start?

I recall how happy I was when I first subscribed to Doll Reader magazine. Back then, in the 1980s, the magazine was luxuriously thick and the paper was magnificent. My sister, Lois, still has those copies. They are nothing like the current Doll Reader magazine.

You have to come all the way to the past few years to find anything near it in the world of American doll magazines. I would say Haute Doll and Fashion Doll Quarterly are the best of today's doll magazines.

Here, check out FDQ

And also take a look at Haute Doll

Day One - A new day for Dolls in Paradise

Knowing where to start is always the hardest thing. I cannot possibly start at the beginning. I learned to love dolls before I could talk, walk, or read.

I have been reading and studying about dolls since I was young. At that time, it was almost impossible to find many books on dolls. Most doll books back then were "how-to" books on making cloth dolls - then called "Rag Dolls".

I did make some rag dolls - one very special doll was for my son, Joshua, when he was tiny. My dear (long departed) Linda knotted the yarns for the great Afro hair. The doll was made to allow Joshua to learn how to button, zip, snap, tie and buckle. Although all of the clothing opened by these various mechanisms, none of the clothing came off the doll. It was a perfect set up for a child to learn these skills. I think I may redesign that doll some day. It would be a joy for me. This doll of my design came before Dressy Bessy - in fact, it came from the love of a mother for her son.

And here is a picture of the "little tyke" for whom the doll was lovingly made.