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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Judith Markich designs

Then Judith Dorsman, Judith Markich, was a costume designer during a resurgence of the Australian Film Industry and designed for many Australian films including Picnic at Hanging Rock.  She started her training in a dress design course. Her desire to do more than fashion design led her quickly to the film industry.  This became her career in life.

Judith discovered the 16" fashion doll several years ago. There was even a doll that looked like Miranda from Picnic at Hanging Rock.  She participated in Project Dollway and her blog lets you get an insiders view of the process.  Pop on over to Judith's blog to learn more and see many fun pictures.

If you would like to see even more photos of Judith's doll designs, spend some time in her airess20 thirty albums.  Each is dedicated to a particular competition entry.

It is fun to see the silhouettes and the sketches.

Remember to click the links to Judith's blog and her albums.  Enjoy

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Doll scale magazines for you to print.

Let's start with a caveat. Printer ink can quickly and "eternally" stain a doll. Use these magazines for props aroung the "dolls' house" and only allow the dolls to "read" the magazines for a few minutes of picture taking. Depending on the ink you purchase, you may not need to be that quick on the camera. But Dolls in Paradise takes no use your own discretion.

I love cats. Now that is a fact. So in April 2008, when making other magazines in my teaching of fashion promotion students, suddenly Kittylicious was born. It was late one night and I had been making six issues of Fine Fibers and I was tired... but when I finished, I was suddenly making one more magazine. I love Kittylicious. I feel sure I will keep making future issues. Maybe one day I will even write some of the articles inside.

Click on the image to print. Click on the post title to go to the magazine cover maker. Enjoy!!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Paradise is a DOLL

Are you going swimming this weekend?  Well, before you take the plunge jump to the right and answer my poll (not pool) question!!  Have a safe and happy Labor Day holiday.  You can really never have too many holidays.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wow! I have missed this blog!!

This post title has a link to the Fashionnation1on1 blog on Wordpress. That blog has been taking most of my "blogtime" and I have not had time to play here. I look forward to playing here on Dolls In Paradise this weekend. Monday is a holiday!!!!!
Ellowyne is holding a Naripon, Pansy - who goes by the name Miss Lola Jeanne Stinkerbean in the dollymall world. Miss Stinkerbean usually tries to wear a crown, or at least a tiara... but today, she is "nekid" as a blue jay. Isn't she cute.
Look at this cute website where MLJS wants me to shop for her shoes and boots!