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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let's take a tour of the color red.

My doll collection is eclectic to some degree.  Here are examples of various dolls - Red is the theme.

Let's start with Gene Marshall.  Gene did not give birth to my love of dolls but Gene did give me "permission" to begin to collect these objects of my desires.

Doll Shopping

Gene repainted and coiffed by Mark Middendorf.  Outfit, Robert Tonner for Tyler Wentworth.

Well, why am I ready to apologize for putting another Gene doll in this post?  LOL, it is my blog...  Gene repainted by David Wolfe and wearing Simply Parisian by DAE.

Here Gene, Simply Platinum, takes on the 60s wearing part of a Daisy and Willow outfit called King's Road.

Let's stay in the realm of the 16 inch fashion doll.  Robert Tonner's Casual Jac is doing her usual thing, playing music.

These are beautiful instruments that I sell at the dollymall, I have them in various scales, no pun intented.  The lounge chair is from Boyd's Bears.

Robert Tonner is also the sculptor and producer of this 11 inch fashion doll, Tiny Kitty.  This TK is an exclusive from some convention.  I bought her from a friend who dressed her in this red kimono.  I love it.

And in this next photo you can see that my gorgeous CED Dance Card Constance is also admiring Robert's precious Tiny Kitty.  Constance is a creation of Doug James.  It looks like she is doll shopping.

In the summer of 2006, I was blessed with the beautiful sisters Ryung, Soah, and Sooah.  These gorgeous BJDs (Ball Jointed Dolls) are 60cm of fabulous resin.  The dolls are sculpted by Rainman for elfdoll from Korea.  I was very wise and bought all three sisters that summer.  Today it is nearly impossible to find these gorgeous dolls.  This is Ryung, who is draped in one of my hand painted silks.

Here is sister Sooah wearing a red Faith wig available in many colors at the dollymall.

Sooah proudly showing off her El Paso tote.

At 23 inches tall, these BJDs have such a presence.  Here Soah, the youngest of the three sisters who must be borrowing her big sister's Faith wig in Red, is wearing clothing designed for the 18" play dolls that represent little girls about ten years old.  Funny how an adult body changes the look of the outfits.

Well, let's move on to the little girls and see how they like to use red... this is Helen Kish's Zsu Zse.  In this family, Zsu Zse is the painter -- in honor of my mother,  Thelma.  Zsu Zse is 8 inches tall.  I sell the little gingham bears, by World of Miniature Bears, at the dollymall, and ZZ only pretends that she has painted them.  We believe in dreaming around here.

Zsu Zse (above) is part of the Riley Kish world by Helen Kish.  Riley is also 8 inches tall.  She is adorable.  In this photo, Riley is outside playing on the lawn swing that Aunt Rita sent to us.  Riley is wearing a size 4-5 version of the Faith wig that you have seen above on big girls Sooah and Soah.  Riley's sweater is from a designer in Europe.

The World of Miniature Bears Golly wants you to notice that he is wearing a red jacket, tie, shoes and button...AND gingham trousers!! He and Riley's precious red shoes and wig are all for sale at the dollymall.

Here is Contempo Zsu Zse who is articulated and 8 inches of precious vinyl.  She is a doll collector too (who isn't?) and she is playing with her Lil Red.  The precious little World of Miniature Bears 3 inch doll is available (only three left as of 12/09) at the dollymall.  Note the red gingham table cloth... is there a theme?

Here's Riley...Halloween 2008

Two more Helen Kish dolls are part of the Kish family.  Jada is 8 inches tall and her little sister Jessamyn is about 3ish inches tall... notice the swing... sweet memories of Samuel Gagermeier...and a gift.  The rag dolls are wearing the red too!

The rag dolls and many more like them are available at the dollymall.  Hee, hee, hee....the tiny stick pony is also decked out in red...the pony and the red bear are available at the dollymall, who knew?!

Another little girl who lives here is Georgia.  Georgia is 10 inches tall.  She is part of the Ann Estelle line of Mary Englebreit dolls by Robert Tonner.  The two inch difference is scale between Riley and Georgia is huge in doll world and Georgia cannot play with Zsu Zse or Riley.  But she can play with another Tonner doll...the American Model who is 23 inches tall.

Hey, her couch is red.... and besides, she gets to play mom to Georgia, whose outfit of red cherries and red gingham was purchased from a private designer.

Since we are talking scale and little girls, let's stay with the little girls for one more doll, Miss Lola Jeanne Stinkerbean.  She would like to introduce herself and her dolls.

Lola Jeanne (Jeanne is my dear sister Rita's middle name) is a resin BJD, 10cm tall...that is less than four inches.  She is wearing Bratz tiny clothes and "demonstrating" her impressive doll collection which is miniature scale, one inch to the foot.  She can also wear Mattel Kelly clothing.  (And she does!!!!)  Please note that the teenyist, tiniest doll in the little blue bed has red hair, LOL

Rebel in deed!!

And before we end this post, let's look at another really tiny doll - I mean he is wearing gingham!  He is true miniature scale.

Miniature clown by Rita Jeanne Mowrey - my sweet sister designed this precious one inch tall clown and sells him as a kit on her website, A Rainbow's End.  She made my redhead for me, because she loves me and she knows that my kits stay kits.

This little guy lives in my dollhouse.  He is in the bathroom on a dressing table.  He wants you to note that the bear in the mirror is red...or is that der? 

We are getting bigger again....back to the 16 inch fashion doll by Robert Tonner.  Friday Foster Finds Christmas and Joy.  Friday is wearing an outfit from the early Doris Mixon collections. 
This beauty is by Robert Tonner, the Queen of Hearts ... her hair is thermal reactive and turns a dark red when it is cold.  Right now it is hot... red hot!  She is wearing a kimono by Vickie Rubie - one of many in my collection.
Now Gene, by Mel Odom, is reminding me that she started it all for me... so she brings this round to a close... forever perfect in a photofunia version of a Gene Marilyn repaint by the talented and gracious Helen Skinner.

Kali - a Gene repaint by the reknown artist, joy

Bringer of joy...

Singer of joy...

The End
Is just the Beginning

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