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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Miss Lunt brings joy to the season & Carmen's families inspire my heart.

David Hutton is a story teller and over the years he has given us such wonderful characters as Miss Lunt.  She is full of wit and wisdom.  There are many of us who wait and wait to hear word from Miss Lunt.

Many a Christmas is made more merry by these wonderful dolls, Nana and Family, and the stories and photographs of David Hutton.

My own Christmas Nana is quite the homebody, not at all like Miss Lunt, who has been going out to work all these many years.

My Victoria Prudence Winsley can also set a soft Christmas spell.

And I receive such joy when I see great photos like these that Carmen posted on the fabulous doll board Riley Hugs and Kishes to show us her families all dressed for Christmas.  I feel like I am in such great company as I enjoy these images and the soft and loving Christmas moments and memories.

And to add to my fun, the pups in these pictures are from the dollymall.

Merry Christmas

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